Top 4 safest commercial airlines in the world

EvaluationCommercial airlines have experienced some strange trends when it comes to safety in the past few years. According to available data, there were 21 fatal accidents with 986 fatalities in 2014, higher than the average of the previous decade of flight. But while the number of fatal accidents was up, the number of crashes was way down. There were just 111 airplane crashes in 2014, the lowest total since 1927. Of course, all the statistics show that commercial airlines are still far safer than private aircraft.

While airlines have improved in their avoidance of crashes, there are still some that are doing a better job than others. Taking into account public airline safety records, and safety statistics provided by the Federal Aviation Administration, here’s a look at the top four safest airlines in the world:

#4: Emirates Airline

One of the safest carriers in the world, Emirates has continually held a spot near the top of its class in airline safety. Boasting a fatality free record over the past decade-plus, Emirates is one of the best choices for those wary of flight safety. It has a pristine safety record and compliance with all major government airline regulations. Certainly a viable choice if you are looking for the assurance of safety while in the air.

#3: Lufthansa

Another tremendous airline in terms of aviation safety; German’s longtime national airline, Lufthansa. This airline has been around for quite some time, established in the 1920’s, and has an impeccable safety record. A huge fleet of nearly 300 aircraft services over 200 destinations worldwide, with almost all of Europe covered by Lufthansa. This means if you’re looking for one of the safest airlines to get your to your destination across the European continent, Lufthansa would be a smart choice.

#2: British Airways

Coming in second on our list of the safest airlines in the world is British Airways. The safety record for BA is particularly impressive given the wide array of aircraft they have flown since the airline’s inception in 1974. This company flies a high volume of passengers every day, but has a fantastic safety record regardless. The airline has not experienced a fatality from one of its flights in 30 years, which is reason enough to put British Airways as the runner-up in our safest airlines in the world.

#1: Qantas

The undeniable king when it comes to airline safety is the Australian airline Qantas. Over its 94-year existence Qantas has a remarkable safety record in the air, having not experienced a fatal accident since¬†1954. The company’s track record for excellent safety lead to its cameo in the Hollywood blockbuster¬†Rain Man, where Dustin Hoffman’s character Raymond Babbitt quips that Qantas has never had an accident. This is true in a sense; Qantas is the only airline that has never had an accident in the Jet Age, making it the indisputable leader in airline safety.